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Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches Overview

Rainbow Riches Slot


Available on Mobile YES
Variance Low-Med
RTP 95.00%
Pay-lines 20
Stacked Wilds YES
Expanding Wilds NO
Scatter Symbol NO
No. of Jackpot Tiers NOT APPLICABLE
Provider Rainbow Riches
Game Type Vegas Slots
Jackpot No

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  • £100
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Rainbow Riches review

Rainbow Riches has been with us since 2001 and was a significant game changer when it first made its appearance on the British slot machine scene. With a standard jackpot of £500 plus three progressive pots, this was the first time that most slot machine players had seen the progressive pot concept that is now so common today.

Below is a list of the various types of Rainbow Riches slot machine, and where they can be played. I haven’t included the £70 pub AWP fruit machines in this list.

  • Rainbow Riches Pure Pots 
    Pure Pots is all about the pots. With no other features, the chances of been awarded the Pots of Gold bonus has increased, as has the number of bonus symbols on the reels. Be warned though that the bronze pot can be as low as £25. For best results, play on £20 Mega Spins in the bookies to make the pots sticky and wild. Rainbow Riches Pure Pots can be played at land bookies, or at many bingo halls.
  • Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold 
    Not many Rainbow Riches slots don’t have progressive pots, but Fields of Gold has eliminated it, replacing it instead with a rotating coins feature.
    Still very popular, Fields of Gold can be found in a lot of arcades in Britain.
  • Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix 
    Pick n Mix is what happens when designers run out of unique ideas. A mixture of many Rainbow Riches games, with the ability to choose your favourite features. For best results, choose only one feature and avoid the Mega Spins.Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix is available to play at many top bookmakers.
  • Rainbow Riches Wild Clover 
    A classic from the £70 jackpot Triple 7 slots. Wild Clover used three reels and awarded one or two wild picks to help create wins. There were several versions of this slot machine, one of which was random and the other compensated. It featured briefly on Ladbrokes betting but was most common in arcades. It’s pretty much extinct now, but you may find it in rural town arcades.
  • Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold 
    The original and still popular; Pots of Gold. Originally housed in those big ugly metal cabinets, however it has since been tweaked multiple times and can be found across a wide range of gaming machines both in bookies and in arcades.
  • Rainbow Riches Free Spins
    Awarding ten, twenty or thirty free spins, Rainbow Riches Free Spins is an enjoyable and often profitable version of the game. You can play this slot on the Triple 7 cabinets in a lot of arcades and some bingo halls. It’s also gained a new lease of life on Pick n Mix as mentioned above.
  • Rainbow Riches Pure Gold
    Apparently the same as Pots of Gold barring the gold pot is always on £500, even if just won.
  • Rainbow Riches Money Mad Mushrooms
    A good fun £100 jackpot version of the game, similar in style to Wild Clover.
  • Mobile Rainbow Riches
    For those who like to play Rainbow Riches without going into a dark, dingy arcade full of miserable old women, Mobile Rainbow Riches is just the ticket. Designed to fit perfectly on your mobile or tablet device as well as offering a higher percentage and more stake options.
    You can play online here.
  • Win Big Shindig
    This one never really caught on, although there is an online version over here. The concept was a bit different and offered less features so it wasn’t as exciting as his cousins.
  • Rainbow Riches Scratch to Match
    If you like scratch cards and Rainbow Riches you are in heaven with this one. The game takes place on a scratch card with nine hidden panels. Find cash prizes or some of the popular features that make Rainbow Riches so enjoyable. Scratch and Match is available to play in Ladbrokes and Coral bookmakers.
  • Rainbow Riches Luck of the Irish
    This one was truly awful. The way the reels span was just so off-putting, making it seem impossible to get anything. It did however have progressive pots which helped to keep it in play for a while. Not many locations have these left, but you may find one in an independent bingo hall of snooker club.
  • Rainbow Riches Bingo
    Enjoyable but costly, Rainbow Riches Bingo has a gold pot that can reach upwards of £4000. There are no reels, and paying for extra balls increases in cost the closer you get to winning, so each game can cost £15 or more. There are not many of these about, but you may find them in independent bingo halls.
  • Rainbow Riches Party
    Another £100 version, similar to many of the other £100 slots on the Triple 7 cabinet with three reels and some random wild picks. There is also a community bonus with a win of up to £200 available.
  • Rainbow Riches Community Cash
    Often found on the same cabinet as Rainbow Riches Party mentioned above, Community Cash plays very similar and offers a jackpot of £100 with the potential for one repeat chance.


That concludes our look at some of the most popular and recognizable Rainbow Riches games. I’m sure there will be many more over the years, the online market is certainly in need of some of the versions mentioned above.