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Sometimes, a company can become so associated with one specific line of products that it is easy to forget just how much else they do. Such is the case with Betsoft, one of the leading developers of online casino software in the world today. This provider has created entire casino backend systems for its clients to use, developing everything from a broad selection of gambling games to the software platforms that power them and allow users to instantly play them right from their web browsers.

But when you hear the name Betsoft, it is likely that you don’t think of any of that. Instead, your mind is probably drawn to their most famous creations: their innovative line of 3D slot machines that have wowed audiences around the world. Since first launching in 1999, the company has been a significant player in the Internet gaming industry, but it was these 3D games that truly put them on the map. By combining some of the best animations you’ll find in any online slot machine with memorable characters, fun themes, and storytelling elements, it’s easy to understand why so many players come back to these games again and again.

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Graphics That Come to Life

The biggest attraction to Betsoft is undoubtedly the excellent graphical quality of their slot machines. Everything in their line of 3D games – officially known as the slots3 line – seems to pop off the screen, creating a wonderful effect of depth without requiring any special glasses or other equipment to enjoy the show.

But it’s not just the colourful and attractive animations that have made these games popular. Each game in this line has also been developed with a theme in mind, and unlike many developers, the creative teams here have made a concerted effort to build an entire experience around those themes, rather than just slapping them on otherwise generic titles. This means that special features, music, voice acting and more are all used synergistically in order to create as immersive an experience for players as possible.

If you want to get a better idea of how this all works, it’s best to talk about specific games. For instance, take The Slotfather, a mafia-based game that uses the framework of a Godfather-style drama and adds in just enough humour to take just enough of the edge off of the game. Characters are voiced in a true “Mafioso” style, and all of the special features fit in perfectly with the overall concept. Land a sneaky gangster next to a briefcase full of money, and he’ll grab some out of the case – putting it right into your pockets. Find three or more of the Slotfather himself, and you’ll enter a bonus round in which you get to place his illicit slots in businesses all around town, then meet up with his gang for dinner to find out how big your reward will be.

That’s just one great example about how gameplay, graphics, and overall presentation are combined at Betsoft in order to flesh out their themes. There are many more excellent examples in this line of games, including the following:

Mamma Mia!: This game is designed around the concept of running an Italian restaurant, complete with a snooty food critic who is about to write an influential review. Fine wine and food are all over this game, including a special free spins round that replaces all of the normal symbols with pizza ingredients. One of the best parts of this machine is the ability to pay to lock wilds into certain positions on the reels, greatly increasing your chances of winning – for a price.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The classic tale of a scientist with two very different sides has been developed into a slot machine in which both parts of his personality are on display. You’ll spend most of the game as Dr. Jekyll, but during bonus rounds, Mr. Hyde will come out in order to earn you major prizes. This game also has a very cool free spins feature that is unlocked by collecting red potion symbols on each and every spin; 100 symbols, and you’ll be taken into the special feature, which lasts until you “counteract” it with 12 doses of blue potion.

Mr. Vegas: This game has everything you could ask for in a trip to Las Vegas, from cheesy lounge singers crooning at you to the red carpet treatment for the main character, a high roller hitting the world’s most fabulous resorts. This game isn’t just a slot machine, however: it also contains miniature versions of other casino favourites, like roulette and poker, which serve as bonus games. There’s even a smaller slot you can play inside of the main game!

Hit the Tables or Play Some Video Poker

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about Betsoft’s signature games, but they have a lot more to offer if you’re willing to look at their entire collection. Along with an additional selection of classic slots, there’s also an entire range of casino games that provide a wide enough range to completely stock an online gaming site.

Table gaming options include sevreal versions of blackjack, including variants like Pontoon and versions that include popular side bets. European and American roulette are both on offer, as are baccarat, craps, and several poker games. You can even find live dealer versions of some games for players to try if they want a more authentic gaming experience.

In addition, you can find a solid selection of video poker machines here, including classics like Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. Other options include a virtual horse racing game, scratch cards, and several forms of keno.

A First Class Provider

Betsoft has become one of the most popular names in the online casino business thanks to their excellent game selection and the quality of their famous slots3 line of machines. It’s a collection that comes with few holes, and when you consider that their games tend to run flawlessly and are all visually attractive, you have a winning combination.

The company isn’t the perfect solution for everyone: the visual style isn’t universally beloved, and there is a lack of licensed properties, meaning you’ll have to look elsewhere for exclusives tied to your favourite television shows, movies, or games. But overall, Betsoft gets high marks across the board, making them a solid choice for most players.