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Our goal is to ensure that you never feel like you’re out of the loop when it comes to the casino world. We mix serious stories about major topics with fun discussions about big winners, infamous losers, and the strange and interesting events that happen every day in our industry. If you’ve been looking for someplace where you can keep up to date on everything UK gambling, this is the blog for you.

What We Cover

Our blog will touch on a variety of subjects, from the most important stories in all of gaming to some lighter fare that has a betting angle somewhere in it. There’s a lot to cover in the world of casinos, betting, and Internet gambling, but we’ll have it all covered. Keep reading for a look at some of the major categories of stories we’ll post here.

Online Gambling News

Is there a scandal impacting a major operator? A new merger between two of the largest software providers in the industry? A brand new type of game that’s making waves in online poker? These are the kinds of stories that all players need to know about to keep up to date with this ever changing landscape, and they’ll make up a major part of our blog’s content.

GamblingJoe News

We don’t like to toot our own horn (too much), but hey, sometimes we make our own news. More seriously, we often update GamblingJoe to post new content, make changes to the layout, or add new features that are designed to make the site more user-friendly. If there’s anything going on with GamblingJoe, you’ll hear about it here first.

Industry Insights

Gambling is a business like any other, and like any industry, there are a lot of moving parts that are constantly in motion. Major mergers and acquisitions are constantly shaking up who the biggest players are, and new innovations are being unveiled constantly as competitors try to one-up each other. But we’re not only interested in where the industry is now, but where it is going in the future. We’ll look at trends and projections to see what the gaming sector might look like down the road, too.

Legislation and Regulation

One of the biggest areas of change for online gambling is in the way governments are regulating the practice. More and more nations are looking to exercise at least some control over the sites their citizens can play on, and as we’ve seen in the UK, even changes that are relatively simple on the surface can have all sorts of consequences once they are put into action. We’ll also take a look at many issues for brick-and-mortar venues, such as the ongoing debate over the prevalence of FOBTs.


This might be our most popular topic of all! One of the reasons we all love gambling over the Internet is the great promotional offers that sites give to players on a regular basis. While we cover bonuses elsewhere, more unique promotions will be covered here, such as invitations to special live events or loyalty programs that combine live and online play.

…and More

We can’t always predict what will catch our eye as newsworthy, but if we think you’ll find it useful or interesting, we’ll make sure to write something about it. When there’s a huge jackpot won somewhere in the world, we want to make sure you hear about it, and we’ll give you lists of the best and worst of the casino industry. From celebrity sightings to bizarre prop bets, no matter how weird or bizarre a story might be, we’ll talk about it if we think you’ll want to hear it.

About Our Team

We know that there are a lot of places where you can get information about online gambling today. So why should you come to GamblingJoe’s blog? We think there are a lot of good reasons to get your news right here, and it has to do with the excellent team we’ve put together on our site. Our writers have a lot to offer:

  • Experience: The GamblingJoe family has decades of combined experience in the gaming industry. That total includes many different backgrounds: journalists, insiders, players, and affiliates, all of whom have unique perspectives on what makes the industry tick.
  • UK Focus: While there are number of good sources out there for casino news, few of them can boast a strong focus on the United Kingdom. Here at GamblingJoe, we pride ourselves on finding stories that are of particular interest to British readers, either by covering events that are specific to the UK market or explaining how changes around the world will impact players here at home.
  • Players First: One of our defining principles is that we always look to give information that is useful for players. Everything we cover is done so from the perspective of the gambler: how will a business transaction change how you interact with games online, or how can a new promotion work to your benefit? Every story has an angle for players, and we do our best to find it.

For all these reasons and more, we’re confident that our staff provides some of the best coverage of the UK casino scene you’ll find anywhere on the Internet. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it, and that you find it a useful and informative addition to our site. If there’s a topic that you’d like to see us cover here, please contact us to let us know what you’re looking for!