Neteller Online Casinos

is one of the world’s leading online payment processors. It is used by millions of customers to send cash across the net anywhere in the world. It’s safe and fast, and widely accepted by hundreds of online casinos.

With one safe “e-Wallet”, NETELLER customers can fund a gambling account online with the minimum of fuss. Transactions are super-quick and casinos won’t charge for the service. Best of all, players can access a great welcome bonus when they make their first deposits. Check out our list of top-rated UK online casinos and put your NETELLER wallet to good use.


NETELLER is a world-leading virtual e-Wallet that allows secure payments over the web. Customers can fund a single online wallet with funds from a range of sources, like debit and credit cards, bank transfers, or rival e-Wallets.

The beauty of NETELLER is it handles lots of payment methods in one place. There’s no need to register a dozen credit cards at a casino. Instead, just use one simple NETELLER log-in to move cash in and out of your gambling account.

How Is It Used For Online Casino Gambling?

First, you will need to open a NETELLER account at the NETELLER homepage ( You can load cash in GBP once you’ve logged in using a debit or credit card, or bank account. When you set up an account, you will be issued with a NETELLER Account ID and Authentication Code. You can use these to finalise payments when you pay for services online.

At the casino Cashier, select NETELLER from the drop-down menu. Enter your email address or NETELLER Account ID plus your NETELLER Secure ID/Authentication Code. Enter the amount you want to deposit and hit the ‘Submit’ button. You will be directed to the NETELLER page to complete the payment.

Usually after a first deposit with NETELLER, you will not have to enter your NETELLER account number again to make payments.

Benefits of Using NETELLER:

Low Limits: You can usually deposit as little as £10 into a casino account at one time
Safe and Secure: Because you’re not sharing sensitive credit card information at the casino site, you can enjoy fraud-free banking.
Widely Accepted in 2016: Most casinos online allow NETELLER payments.

Cashing Out And Paying NETELLER Fees

As well as making deposits, it’s possible to cash out to a NETELLER account. Head back to the Cashier and select the NETELLER option. The casino will usually not charge to make a withdrawal.

Cashing out is quick. In most cases, you will find funds in your NETELLER account within a few hours. Now you can cash the money out to a bank account or prepaid card. The prepaid card allows customers without a debit card to withdraw money at a cash machine/ATM.

Watch out for fees when using NETELLER. Funding a wallet with MasterCard or Maestro can be expensive, incurring a fee of around 1.9-4.95 percent of the total balance. Bank transfers can be as high as 7 percent. Funding a wallet with bitcoin is much lower, around 1 percent. Check the NETELLER site for a list of UK customer fees.

Getting a Net+ Prepaid Card

As well as providing a secure virtual wallet, NETELLER also provides plastic and online prepaid MasterCards. They are exclusive to NETELLER members, with no fees attached. They allow customers to cash out funds from a cash machine in the same way you use a debit card.

It’s worth noting that NETELLER is one of the e-Wallet providers removing their prepaid cards from around 100 countries they work in. So far, the UK isn’t one of them but it’s worth keeping an eye on the situation.

Accessing A Welcome Bonus With NETELLER

When you sign up to an online casino, you can claim a great welcome bonus. The casino will match your initial deposit 100-200% as long as you meet the playing requirement. NETELLER isn’t always allowed as a deposit option to kick things off but it does provide a quick cash-out option once you’ve received your winnings.

Check out our list of top-rated online casinos that accept NETELLER. You can find games that suit you and a bonus to match. There’s no need to worry about stolen card details again with an e-Wallet like NETELLER. It’s the simple solution to safe, hassle-free casino banking.

NETELLER UK Online Casinos FAQs


NETELLER is a leading virtual e-Wallet that facilitates payments over the web. It lets customers set up one easy wallet to store money from cards, bank accounts, or prepaid vouchers.

Is It Accepted At UK Casinos Online?

Most online casinos allow payments using NETELLER wallets. Payments are quick, and funds usually appear instantly in a casino account after a deposit.

Can I Use My Mobile Phone To Make Payments?

Yes. Simply download the NETELLER app to make quick deposits on your phone.

Is It Safe To Use?

Yes. Payments across the web are encrypted and millions of safe transactions are made using NETELLER every day.

Are There Any Fees Involved?

Casinos won’t charge you to make NETELLER payments. However, NETELLER will charge when you load your wallet or send cash.

Can I Get A Deposit Bonus With NETELLER?

Most of the time, customers can make a first deposit with NETELLER and earn a welcome bonus. Always check the terms and conditions, however, as some casinos won’t allow NETELLER deposits to count.

What Good Alternatives Are There?

Major e-Wallet providers like PayPal and Skrill offer a similar level of encryption and safety. They are also quick with processing times and allow a good range of deposit limits.