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While it may not be one of the first companies that rolls off the tongue when it comes to major online gambling software developers, JPM International has a rather long history in the gaming industry. The group has been around for 40 years now, providing slots and other games to clients in the United Kingdom, Spain, and elsewhere in Europe. They’ve become especially popular in the Czech Republic, where they are one of the dominant forces in casino manufacturing.

As with so many other firms that have become successful in land-based development, JPM has spent much of the last few years looking to establish a foothold in the online gaming world as well. They have done so through a subsidiary known as JPM Interactive, which develops content for the Internet as well as for digital television systems. These efforts have brought them some success, as they work with a number of the biggest virtual casino brands in the UK, as well as with major media firms like Sony. But with a relatively small selection of products, it’s unlikely that players will see their collection as a “must have” for their favourite gambling sites.

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Simple Games Remain Interesting

While scouring the Internet, we were only able to find a few games that were created by JPM available at online casinos today. At first glance, these machines don’t seem to be much to look at; the presentation is rather straightforward, and there aren’t any fancy animations or advanced, multi-part bonus rounds to work your way through.

But appearances can be deceiving, and when you begin to play their games, you’ll understand why JPM has been successful even if their products may slip a bit under the radar at first glance. In particular, the company has made some good games that use the classic fruit machine format, which plays into their penchant for products that involve at least some small skill component. A few of the best examples we’ve found include:

Ker-Ching: This game is your basic, three-reel, single payline fruit machine that you’ve played a million times before. There are cherries, bars, and sevens (along with a JPM logo), and you’ll have to hit three in a row in order to score a win. You’ll also be occasionally treated to holds and nudges, as you would on any fruit machine.

But there’s a significant twist here in the form of the Ker-Ching symbol. If you find one of these symbols on each of the three reels – even if they aren’t actually on the win line – you’ll set the bonus round in motion. The reels will start spinning of their own accord, back and forth, stopping at random. Your symbols will be recorded, and several such spins will take place; you’ll earn prizes if you hit three of the same symbol over the course of the entire feature, even if they aren’t on the same spin. This can quickly add up to some enormous wins, as you can take down several of the top prizes before the feature stops.

El Dorado Max Power: The Max Power series is one of this developer’s hallmarks in the land-based world, so it only makes sense that they would create a version for their online clients to utilize as well. Once again, this machine uses a rather basic three-reel layout, though this is a multiline slot, giving players five paylines to win on. You’ll be matching fruits, sevens and diamonds, and once again, only three-in-a-row matches can score wins. Three “Max Power” symbols in a row will earn you an instant bonus that could earn you dozens of times your initial stake, while the JPM symbol can lead you into a free spins round with progressively larger multipliers on your wins.

A Pot of Gold: Another fruit machine title, A Pot of Gold is unique in at least two different ways. First, we’ve never seen a slots-style game that relies on so few symbols! There are only four unique symbols that can appear on the reels: horseshoes, rainbows, clovers, and the pot of gold itself, which is wild. With nudges and holds to improve your odds, having so few symbols makes wins very likely at any time! The pot of gold also adds a twist: while most of the game takes place on a single payline, the pot of gold pays in any direction, with three in a row awarding the game’s jackpot prize.

Full House: This interesting game uses a very unusual four-reel format, while otherwise utilizing a standard fruit machine style. There are a variety of three and four symbol combinations that can score wins, while a variety of special features and a post-spin gamble option ensure that the gameplay never gets dull.

A Minor Change of Pace

While JPM may be a serious competitor in some land-based markets, they have yet to become much of a force on the Internet as of yet. This is clear just by looking at their website, where no specific games are listed and very little information is available on the company.

That sounds like an ominous sign, but the reality is not quite that bleak. While the company hasn’t produced very many games for online operators to use just yet, the ones they have made are solid, at least for players who are looking for a slightly different style of gambling. The products here aren’t flashy at all, and seem to come out of another era. However, that’s not to suggest that they are bad; rather, they’re throwbacks to a somewhat simpler time, and those who have enjoyed classic fruit machines all their lives will probably especially appreciate this approach.

At the moment, it is unlikely that most players will even notice whether or not their chosen casino sites have a few JPM games included in their collection; a typical gambler is more likely to see bolder, more modern machines and gravitate towards those. But for those who enjoy classic gaming options with a few unique twists, these games are well worth seeking out.