How To Play Live Casino Baccarat

Live Casino Baccarat gives online gamblers the chance to pay out their wildest James Bond fantasies without ever leaving their bedrooms. It can come in a variety of formats, but essentially the goal is the same: bet on the outcome of two hands – the Banker and the Player.

The beauty of Live Baccarat is that you get to play against a human croupier dealing cards from an actual shoe in an actual casino environment. You can choose your stakes, game, and even dealer from the Live Casino lobby. In some cases you can watch the action unfold without taking a seat.

Getting Started: How Live Baccarat Works

Baccarat is a casino game played between two players – the dealer (‘Banker’) and the player (‘Player’). Bets can be made on either person to win the hand, or you can bet on the hand being a tie.

Two cards are dealt to the Banker and Player. Aces are valued as 1, the cards 2-9 their face value, and 10s and picture cards zero. The aim is to get as close to possible to a total of 9. The hand that is closest wins.

Only two cards are dealt to the Banker and Player, but in some cases a ‘third card rule’ may come into force. A Player receives a third card if their total is 0-5. A Banker receives a card if their total is 0-5 AND the Player has stood (taken no extra cards) on a 6 or 7.

Popular Variants

Classic Baccarat: The most common form of Live Baccarat, this game is played between the dealer and five players, who all take turns as the ‘Player’.

Mini-Baccarat: A single-player, one-on-one, baccarat format that is a lot faster than conventional Live Baccarat.

No-Commission Baccarat: In this game, the Banker bet doesn’t take the 19/20 commission after a win.

Progressive Baccarat: Like progressive slots or roulette, this format has a separate jackpot that is paid out if a certain hand appears. Usually, the Player and Banker getting the same A-8 hand results in a jackpot payout. Even a ‘Natural 9’ (being dealt a total of 9 immediately) may award a small portion of the jackpot.

Look out for the ‘coin slot’ graphic on the page – here you can select to make a bet (usually around £2-£20) which will go into a linked pool.

Common Baccarat Bets & Features

Like online baccarat, Live Baccarat is simple to play. You have three choices in a classic game: bet on the Banker, the Player, or a Tie. The tie rarely happens but is an 8/1 shot. If you bet on the Banker, the casino normally takes a 5% commission but some casinos spread ‘No Commission’ Baccarat.

In most cases, it’s good to bet on the Banker as they act second and have strict third-card rules when playing their hand. Because of the extra information the Banker has, the house edge of a Banker win is just 1.06% compared to 1.24% for the Player. A Tie bet has a whopping 14.35% house edge.

Making Bets: When you take a seat at a Live Baccarat table, you’ll see your username on the table on-screen. The human dealer will prompt you when it’s your turn to bet. Drag your chips to the area you want to bet on.

Once all bets are down, the cards will be dealt. Specially-barcoded cards will be picked up by the camera and displayed on-screen. The computer will keep track of dealt cards, and pay out winnings once a hand has been dealt. All used cards go into a separate shoe, and usually 7-8 decks are used.

Player Bet: Pays 1/1 (even money)

Banker Bet: 19/20 (commission deducted)

Tie: Pays 8/1

Game History: With this tab you can view the stats on who has won the last hand or hands, and see how much is being gambled on the Player, Banker, or Tie on each hand. Baccarat ‘roadmaps’ like The Big Road, the Cockroach Road, and the Big Eye Boy essentially show players any trends happening as the cards are dealt from the shoe (although the game is essentially random, like most casino games).

Chatbox: If you need advice, or you just want to chat, you can speak to the dealer or other players via the on-screen chatbox. Most games have English-speaking croupiers who will be able to help you if you’re unsure of the gameplay.

Camera Angles: In some formats of Live Baccarat, it’s possible to change the camera angle and settings. Playtech’s Prestige Baccarat allows you to custom your table cloth and backdrop before playing. You can also choose from various camera positions for a more immersive experience.

The ‘Squeeze’: In most casino Baccarat games, the Banker’s and Player’s cards are dealt face up. However, in some land-based Asian casinos the cards are dealt face down. Players are allowed a “squeeze”, revealing the cards slowly to give them a “peek”. This adds to the tension and is good for some superstitious gamblers. In some online variants of Live Baccarat, this squeeze is also featured – the dealer will handle the action.

Baccarat Side Action

In some online Live Baccarat games, side bets are permitted. These give the players something extra to bet on and keep things exciting.

Player Pair: The Player is dealt a pair of the same number (11/1)

Banker Pair: The Banker is dealt a pair of the same number (11/1)

Perfect Pair: A pair of the same suit (25/1)

Either Pair: A pair is formed from any of the Banker’s or Player’s cards (5/1)

Big: Total number of cards dealt is 5 or 6 (0.54/1)

Small: Total number of cards dealt is 4 (1.5/1)

Tie Bonuses: Some versions of Live Baccarat let you bet on the value of tied hands (if they appear). Bonus payouts vary depending on the total. You can even get a 1/1 payout if you bet on a Tie Bonus and the values miss each other by 1.

Benefits Of Live Casino Baccarat

Live Dealer Baccarat is great for experiencing the great casino classic with an added human element. The game is easy to pick up, and you don’t need to understand the complex roadmaps to get up and running.

Watch out for those high minimum stakes. In most cases, minimum bets or £5 per hand are standard but there’s plenty of scope of VIP gambling.

– Lots of interesting variants for real-money play
– Plenty of Roadmaps so you can follow the history
– Hit a big-money progressive Baccarat jackpot

– Games aren’t usually available for play-money
– Minimum stakes can be higher than conventional baccarat
– Moves a little slower than conventional online baccarat

Accessing A Casino Bonus With Live Dealer Baccarat

If you’re looking for a fun and easy-to-learn casino game, Live Baccarat could be for you. It has among the lowest house edges around (if you play a good strategy) so there’s no danger of blowing a massive bankroll straight away.

In many cases, you can put your Live Baccarat towards a deposit bonus. Sign up for a new gambling account and start playing great real-money games.

Live Baccarat FAQs

What is Live Dealer Baccarat?

Live Dealer Baccarat is an online casino game that can be played between a player and a human dealer. The casino uses a webcam so that players can follow all the action.

How Is Betting Different To Normal Online Baccarat Games?

Players place bets in the usual way by dragging chips to the areas of the table they want to bet on. The human dealer in a studio setting deals specially barcoded cards that are scanned by the overhead camera. These are then displayed on-screen.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment For Live Baccarat?

Players will need a good video card to handle the live stream smoothly. They should also have a good web connection to avoid the games stopping mid-hand.

What Happens If My Web Connection Goes Down?

If you get disconnected, the dealer will know and will not ask for a bet from you. If you already made a bet before being disconnected, any winnings will automatically be paid into your account.

Can I Talk To The Baccarat Dealers?

Yes. The dealer can read chatbox entries on-screen and respond in real time.

Can I Play For Low Stakes?

Sometimes, but it depends on the casino. Normally, live dealer games have slightly higher stakes than normal online baccarat tables. As a human dealer is in charge, the games may also move a bit slower.

Are The Games Safe And Reliable?

Yes. Licensed casinos have to have their software and shufflers checked to make sure the deal of the cards is random.