Guide To Live Dealer Blackjack Online

Live Dealer Blackjack, or Live Blackjack, lets you play real hands for real money against a real-life croupier. Using cutting-edge webcam and streaming technology, online players can place bets while they watch a human dealer shuffling and dealing out cards. They can even interact in real time and ask advice.

Live Blackjack is great for high-stakes play and perfect if you live miles away from a land-based casino but want that Vegas touch. You can even put your Live Blackjack play towards a top welcome bonus when you open an account.

Getting Started: Finding A Seat & Placing Bets

First, you need to select a table you like. Open the Live Blackjack lobby and pick a game. If a table is full, you can hit the ‘Wait’ button and be seated as soon as a place becomes available. You can also select a dealer to play against. Every player has their favourites, and some dealers are friendlier and more helpful than others.

Then, select your stake limits and click the ‘Join Table’ button. Once seated, you’ll have a few seconds to place your bets. Don’t worry, the dealer will usually give you a friendly nudge or wave to remind you it’s your turn to bet!

Common Bets And Features

Betting is done just like in online blackjack: you drag chips to the ‘bet’ area and wait for the dealer to start dealing. Special barcoded cards are dealt from a shoe to areas of the table “in front” of the player. They are scanned by the camera and appear in graphic form on-screen.

The action then proceeds: in blackjack, the idea is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. Aces count as 1 or 11, picture cards count as 10, while number cards are worth their face value.

As the dealer proceeds from player to player you click on the ‘Hit’ (receive another card) or ‘Stand’ (receive no more cards). The dealer will deal further cards, announcing the action out loud – remember to switch the speakers on before you play.

Players can also opt to double down (doubling a bet and receiving one more card) – once the double down button is clicked, the croupier will be alerted and will deal another card face up in front of you. Splitting is possible – a pair can be split and players continue to hit to form two new hands.

After all players have played, it’s the dealer’s turn. He/she turns over their down card and continues drawing cards until they have to stand or they go bust. All winnings hands are paid out by the computer, and the dealer removes all cards from play. A new hand then takes place.

Multi-Seat Play: In some live casino games, you can opt to play more than one seat if it is vacant.

Bet Behind: As in an offline casino, the ‘Bet Behind’ button lets you place bets on other players’ hands. As long as they are playing optimal strategy (and not doing silly things like hitting on 19) you can stick chips down and watch the action unfold.

Side Bets: Some forms of Live Blackjack let you place side bets. For example, a mixed pair (of different suits) pays 6/1, while a coloured pair bet pays 12/1.

History Slider: On the screen you can see a list of previous hands. While decks are routinely shuffled, players keeping tabs on what cards have been dealt can easily scan the previous games.

Chat Box: Click the ‘Chat Box’ icon to enable online chat. In real time you can ask the dealer questions or advice. They will read and respond to messages displayed on their monitor. Make sure you have your sound turned up!

Camera View: Some blackjack games let you alter the camera view. All tables are rigged up with webcams to allow easy streaming onto your machine. But if you want a change, select the various angles: top-down, behind the dealer, and so on. You can also give your window that authentic casino feel by making the real-life screen bigger and the digital cards smaller.

Tips: Yes, just like in a real casino, you can pay the dealer tips. Just select the Tips Box and type in the amount you want to tip the dealer. The cash will be deducted from your bankroll.

Pros and Cons Of Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is great if you want the excitement of land-based blackjack but would prefer to gamble at home. Some players also prefer the human element if they don’t 100-percent trust the RNGs that govern many online games.

But watch out for the time it takes to play games. If five players are at a table, a hand of Live Blackjack can take a while – especially if the dealer is constantly reminding players that it’s their turn. It can pay to wait for an empty table before sitting down.

– Experience the thrill of real-life casino gambling.
– Bet at higher stakes if your bankroll can handle it.
– If you don’t trust the RNGs of conventional blackjack, a human dealer can assure some players.

– Minimum stakes can be high (say, £10 per hand compared to £1 on online blackjack).
– The games also move a little slower as it’s a human croupier doing the shuffling and dealing.
– You also can’t try Live Blackjack out for play money.

Earn A Casino Bonus When You Play

Live Dealer Blackjack is great if you want that Vegas experience on your computer. Make sure your PC or laptop can handle the live stream before you begin. After that, it’s just a case of handling your bankroll sensibly.

And when you begin playing real-money Live Blackjack you can access a great welcome or deposit bonus. Make a deposit, sit down and play Live Casino Blackjack, and let your play contribute towards a juicy match bonus offer. That’s a deal you won’t get in an offline casino.

Live Blackjack FAQs

What is Live Dealer Blackjack?

Live Blackjack allows players to gamble against a human dealer via their computers. Real cards are shuffled and dealt, and players can place bets using the casino software.

How Is Betting Different To Normal Online Blackjack?

Bets are placed just like in a conventional online game, by dragging chips to the player spot and Insurance/Double Down/Split spaces. The dealer will notice any action and deal extra cards accordingly. Special chips in the cards are scanned by the camera and the cards displayed on-screen.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

A decent PC, Mac or tablet can handle most Live Blackjack games. Make sure your set-up is equipped to handle video streams.

What Happens If My Internet Goes Down?

If your internet connection drops out, you will be kicked out and you’ll have to resume a game when you return. If you were in the middle of a hand, you can usually complete the game on a conventional online blackjack game.

Can I Talk To The Blackjack Dealer?

Yes. Use the chatbox to type in a request, and the dealer will respond when they read it on their monitor. You won’t be able to talk to the dealer via your PC microphone.

Can I Play For Low Stakes?

Sometimes. However, because of the extra cost involved in setting up a Live Casino many sites increase the minimum stakes permitted in a game of Live Blackjack.

Are The Games Safe To Play?

Yes. Licensed sites are audited and checked to ensure their operations are fair. Only trust a properly-licensed, secure casino with independent checks in place.