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While they aren’t exactly a household name in the gaming industry, Mazooma Interactive Games has been at their craft for nearly two decades now. Since being established in 1997, the firm has been providing games for online and mobile gaming sites located both in the UK and internationally, and has also contributed software and devices for the domestic bingo market as well. Today, Mazooma no longer operates as a completely independent provider, but instead works as part of the Astra Group UK, which in turn is a part of the Novomatic family, one of the largest developers in Europe.

Today, the company provides a small but professionally-designed collection of slot machines that are available at many gaming sites in the UK. While the games may appear to be pretty generic at first glance, appearances can be deceiving: there are actually some rather innovative concepts at work in this collection, and many players are likely to have fun with at least some of these machines if they’re included at one of your preferred Internet casinos.

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Classic Themes Power Collection

With only a couple dozen slots in their collection, Mazooma isn’t the kind of developer that operators rely on to provide their entire gaming suite. However, these games are often included in larger mixes of games, adding some flavour and variety for players to enjoy.

Few of these games feature tie-ins for well-known brands, with most featuring some pretty generic themes that you’ve likely seen on dozens of other machines before. But these titles still have the potential to stand out thanks to their bold, bright colours and their cartoonish designs. It’s an inviting style that has made these games quite popular among both casual and serious players.

Let’s take a look at a few specific machines you might find at your casino site of choice. The one notable game that does have a licensed brand attached to it is Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Big Break. If you’ve never heard of O’Sullivan, then we have to imagine you aren’t a fan of snooker, where “The Rocket” is a five-time world champion and is regarded by many as the greatest player of the modern era. During play, you can find your typical prizes or enjoy a “pick a pocket” feature that unlocks an instant bonus. But the real fun come from the Big Break feature, which is triggered by collecting as many cue balls as possible before a running timer hits zero. Once that happens, you can use your “breaks” to sink as many balls as possible, pocketing prizes along the way.

If you remember the first simple steps you took into gaming as a small child, you might have a fondness for the classic board game Snakes and Ladders, which has now been turned into a slot machine of the same name. As you might expect, you’ll be spending most of your time matching various snakes and ladders, including a wild snake that promises the biggest prizes of all. The snake charmer symbol can also put you into a pick ‘em style game that can earn you an instant prize worth as much as 100 times your spin bet, while the free spins symbols can earn you as many as 100 free spins with triple the normal prizes.

Another classic theme pits police against criminals, and Mazooma’s take on this genre is appropriately titled Cops n Robbers. In this game, you’ll be playing the role of the bad guys, trying to rob safes in special rounds that will earn you instant cash. Wilds, multipliers, and free spins are all present in this slot, which is also available on mobile devices. A newer game in this line, known as Cops ‘n’ Robbers: Millionaires Row, includes even more features, such as a Row Street Bonus that is similar to the prize tracks seen on many fruit machines.

We are also fans of Odds of the Gods, a machine that is heavily steeped in the deities of ancient Greek mythologies. The best part of this game is the three separate bonus rounds that can be activated during play. There’s the Mount Olympus feature, in which you’ll journey along a trail towards the home of the gods, hoping to either get as far down the track as possible or win the progressive jackpot. The Hermes bonus will instantly earn you up to 500x your initial bet, while the Shield Bonus gives you a spinning wheel that will stop on a random prize – one that could potentially include that same progressive jackpot.

Community Jackpots Add Player Interaction

One of the more notable contributions that Mazooma has made to the interactive gambling industry is their introduction of community bonus rounds in which dozens or more players are able to participate in the same special features at once. In games such as Snakes and Ladders or Cops and Robbers, players are able to enter bonus rounds with up to 40 other players, with all players sharing at least part of the prize pool if anyone hits a progressive jackpot.

One other game worthy of note is Zodiac Roulette. In this game, which plays like other “mini-roulette” options, there are only 12 numbers on the wheel, each of which is associated with one of the signs of the zodiac. That’s mostly a cosmetic change, however; for the most part, this plays like a smaller version of standard roulette, with most of the same familiar bets being offered.

Strong Games with a Unique Feel

While Mazooma hasn’t created nearly as many games as some of their larger competitors, their games a certainly worthy of note if you come across them. Each one is filled with interesting and distinctive special features, allowing them to stand out from the crowd even with their rather generic themes. We suspect that they could do even more spectacular things if they had access to more properties; their Ronnie O’Sullivan game is one of the more innovative offerings in their collection, with the Big Break feature being incredibly fun to play through.

Chances are that you won’t decide to play Mazooma games exclusively in your gambling career, but that’s hardly a problem: these games are only a small part of any major UK online casino, with many other games (often provided by other Novomatic development studios) offered alongside them. If you do play at a site that offers these slots, don’t overlook them: they are well worth playing, even if they don’t jump out as your most likely favourites at first glance.