Best Roulette Machine Cheats Ever

roulette5The success of the UK betting industry in the last 10 years has largely been down to the huge growth in FOBT’s, which in turn brought about an expansion in betting shops appearing in multiple locations in High Streets up and down the UK.

Major towns and cities all over Britain have six or more betting shops, each housing four Betting Terminals which often host 30 to 60 gambling games each, covering everything from high stakes slots, to pub style £70 jackpot fruit machines. This growth hasn’t all been one sided however, as various FOBT cheats have come and gone over the years, leaving some professionals to make thousands, and others to clean up the residual income before the respective companies tighten the screws to stop the FOBT cheats from working.

Bowling Tokens

Lucky 8 Roulette is a progressive cashpot roulette game that has been around since the early days of Roulette Machines. It has undergone many transformations, and is currently finishing out its days on the back screens of the latest Roulette Terminals. Seven years ago however Lucky 8 Roulette gained a new lease of life in the professional playing community with the ability to increase the cashpot up to its maximum of £350 with no cost.

Once the cashpot and reserve pots were significantly high enough to warrant spending a day or two playing them out, real money was then used to win them with the odds massively in the favour of the player.

And how was this cheat done? The connection to the Internet was simply cut-off by unplugging the cable that connected the terminal to the main server. This resulted in the bet been returned whilst still giving enough time for the cashpot to increase by a few percent with each failed bet. Once the pot was high enough, the cable was re-connected and play started as normal.

Resetting the FOBT Cabinets with 5ps

This little cheat affected the Betting Terminals in Ladbrokes, and although it worked well on roulette, the best way to use this cheat involved playing their version of Blackjack.

For the best return, you would need to play a single hand at the maximum stake of £100. After the dealer had dealt the cards, play to win; if it’s a winner, great you’ve made £100. If it lost, quickly insert several 5p coins and the betting terminal would reset and print out your receipt prior to the bet, so you were effectively playing for free.

The reason this worked best on blackjack was due to their rules which stated any malfunction would pay the stake prior to the bet, whereas their roulette rules stated the more common set of rules that any malfunction voided pays and plays.

Coral Connect Transfer

The Coral Connect Card is a heavily promoted player’s card that allows users to link all of their gaming activity to one account, allowing funds to be placed and bet online, in-store and transferred to and from the betting terminals using their virtual wallet. The latter is where the problems for Coral arose. With the ability to load up a game, place your bet and go to the very last point, you could then open up the virtual wallet, transfer your funds away from the terminal then press bet.

This confused the poor FOBT; one second you had the money for the bet there, the next it had gone. As a result, the first part of the bet would continue. If it was a standard game, nothing would happen, but if the game involved a progressive pot of some kind, the pot would increase in much the same way as NUMBER on our list. The result now may be becoming more obvious; the cashpot could be increased to a significant amount without the need to place any bets. Once high enough, play as normal with the odds significantly in your favour.

The best game this cheat worked on was Key Bet Roulette, however it could also be extended to work on several progressive slot games such as Rainbow Riches Pure Gold.

Joker Poker Gamble

As far as betting terminals were concerned, Joker Poker took gambling to the extreme. Joker Poker was a non-random video poker game with a £500 jackpot and a double or nothing gamble. The double or nothing gamble was where the action was, and the fact that it was non-random allowed you to assume that it had the potential to be pushed to the jackpot at some point.

This assumption was not far wrong, and indeed Joker Poker could be pushed for the jackpot; and far beyond! Using the double or nothing gamble, if you kept pushing it and winning, the gamble would keep on doubling, above and beyond the legal requirement of £500. In fact it didn’t have a limit. £600 not enough? How about £1200? £2400? If you had the courage, the game would pay it out.

Printing Bonus Vouchers

It’s fair to say that the Coral Connect Card had some teething problems in the weeks after its launch. In an effort to retain regular customers and keep them away from rivals, the Coral betting terminals printed bonus vouchers to be used from the following day in the same shops.

These vouchers mostly consisted of £5 and £10 match-play credits and the reward was paid after the required matching amount was played through. Using the Coral Connects’ virtual wallet, players were able to manipulate the production of the bonus vouchers to be awarded more frequently by exiting the wallet at certain points to fool the game into thinking the player was new, and so reward them earlier on.

Once a reasonable amount of vouchers had been collected, the player simply went back the next day to earn their reward.

Ladbrokes Demo Card

This is my favourite cheat as it should have been obvious to those that made the machines and caught before any significant losses occurred. Back in around 2005 Ladbrokes had a card that allowed players to play any FOBT game in demonstration mode. This was great as it allowed players to enjoy the games and understand how they worked without the need to invest money straight away. The card simply inserted into the card slot on the terminals and loaded £100 worth of demo credit to be played in anyway the player saw fit.

Now all was fine in theory, all of the games were random so playing in demo mode would have no impact for better or worse on any of the games. But not all of the games were random, and playing £100 on a non-random game meant that it would eventually want to pay out. Now £100 isn’t too much to a non-random slot game with a £250 jackpot, but when the player intentionally lost the £100, then repeated the process constantly for the next fifteen or twenty demonstrations you ended up with one very generous £250 jackpot slot machine. At this point all the player had to do was exit the demonstration mode and reap the hefty rewards with real money, then repeat the process in the next shop.

Key Bet – Dead Betting

Key Bet Roulette is the most popular of the progressive cashpot games, and can be found on all Coral and Ladbrokes betting terminals. The idea is simple, an extra slot has been added to lengthen the odds whilst still paying the same as standard roulette. This increases the profit for the bookies whilst giving the impression that the player is getting something extra, where-as in reality they are playing with worse odds than standard roulette. That something extra comes in the form of a multiplier, which can offer anything from 20/1 to 50/1, but all of which add up to 36/1 in the long run. Additional to this, a progressive cashpot that can reach a maximum of £500 also increased in varying amounts with each bet placed.

This cheat involved simply going through every Key Bet Roulette game on every terminal in every betting shop until you found one high enough where the odds were in the players favour, then sit and play on the lowest possible stake until you won. The odds were around 600/1 which could result in some very long playing sessions, with each spin gradually eating in to your profits.

The term ‘dead bet’ is used by Coral to profile professional players who place the minimum stake with the sole intention of hitting the cashpot.

Playing on Reset

Years ago fruit machines used to be sited in pubs on reset. These resets would mean the fruit machine was full of life, and as such pretty much guaranteed a profit, even on the worst machines. Unfortunately, fruit machines nowadays mostly start life on a dead reset, which is exactly what it sounds like; the fruit machine will be dead to play until it has made a certain amount of money. This is mostly true on FOBT machines, barring four or five of the low level non-random jackpot games. These games payout small amounts within a few pounds, resulting in small profits per game. Multiply this small profit by the four terminals, then multiply it again by the amount of Betting Terminals you can cover in a day, and your small profit has increased considerably, which makes playing FOBT’s on reset a periodic yet considerable earning venture.

Note Fishing

This is a strange one, and although very illegal it was so simple I’m surprised it wasn’t picked-up during testing. All the player needed to do was pull the plastic casing below the screen back a few centimetres then fish out their note as it was fed through the note acceptor on the betting terminal. This resulted in free credits on the machines which could then be played off or collected and handed in for cash over the counter.

As you can gather many of the cheats listed here were illegal, including manipulating the games via the Internet connection or power supply, but it’s an interesting little history and there are no doubt other cheats that have gone unnoticed as the years have gone by.