Bonus Roulette Tips

bonus roulette william hill It’s hard to miss bonus roulette nowadays. Every time a FOBT is loaded up, the player is greeted by a multitude of now forms of roulette. Many of these wouldn’t be possible in a real world casino, but with touch screen computers, the options are near on endless.

With so many different roulette varieties, such as Lucky 8, Extra Bet, Key Bet, Deal or No Deal Roulette, and several others, it is hard to know what to choose, and whether you would be better of playing the bonus versions as opposed to regular roulette.

Well, to make things slightly more simple, there is NO POINT WHATSOEVER in playing any bonus roulette games unless you are playing for the bonus. The reason is simple; there is always one or sometimes even two extra positions on the roulette wheel for the ball to land. So although the odds of hitting a single number are generally 37/1 (36 numbers, plus zero). The extra positions put this up to 38 or 39/1 depending on the game, but still offer the same paying odds.

So in summary, only play bonus roulette if indeed, you are playing for the bonus.

Are the bonus versions of the game worth playing?

This all depends on the game, and what you are playing for. Positive examples include Lucky 8 and Key Bet roulette which, due to the progressive nature of the pots, will get to a point where the odds will be in the players favour at some point. Other games such as Deal or No Deal roulette are different, as there is no progression, the potential winnings remain constant, the odds remain ‘fixed’.

If you are playing Deal or No Deal Roulette and you hit the bonus feature, the only way the feature is going to be worth more than playing regular roulette is if you win more than 35/1. If you are going to take less than the paying odds of roulette, you might as well stick to normal roulette. i.e. if you bet £1 on number 17, you’ll win £36. If you have £1 on the bonus, why take less than £35?

Other bonus games, such as Super Gamble Roulette and Bonus Roulette offer the same roulette game play, but feature an end of game gamble for any winning bet. Although both offer less than true odds, Bonus Roulette offers the worst odds, and should be avoided. Super Gamble Roulette allows you to change the stake, change the odds, and move the winning position around. Although it is all luck, you do have far more control than many other types of bonus gamble.