FOBT Force Zero Roulette System

roulette1FOBT Force Zero is a simple roulette system that people use on the bookies betting terminals. As the name suggests, the idea is to ’force’, or wait for the zero to hit, although it can be adapted for any number. Standard FOBT odds suggest that the chances of hitting a single number are 37/1, so for every 37 spins each number should hit once. Of course in practice this doesn’t work, and although FOBT roulette is random, the odds will only reach close to the true figure of 37/1 over tens of thousands of spins, certainly not a few hundred.

FOBT force zero is in reality just wait for the zero (or your favourite number), and hope that it comes along soon as possible as there is no way to ‘force’ any outcome on the FOBT roulette machines.

Many of the newer FOBT roulette games have statistic to show the previous results, these also often include a figure to show the last time a zero came in. Games such as Key Bet Roulette have a detailed summery of the last zero and last Key Bet, but for players who don’t like the additional odds of bonus games, William Hill has versions of standard roulette which show the number of spins since the last zero.

FOBT Force Zero Strategy

The best method for the FOBT Force Zero strategy is to simply treat the roulette wheel as a slot machine, and place your desired bet on the zero and nothing else. Then simply just keep repeating the bet until you have reached your desired outcome, hitting the zero.

Some people like to use various methods to achieve their goal, such as £1 on zero and £1 on red and black for £3 a spin. This way you’ll constantly get £2 back until you hit zero, so although you are betting £3 per spin, you’ll only be losing £1 until you hit zero.

Other methods include increasing your stake on the zero, usually by 20p each spin, but this isn’t always possible depending on the version of the game you are playing. I would personally recommend betting your desired amount just on zero, ignoring the outside bets, and keep repeating it until it hits.

I wouldn’t increase the stake, I would just play the same amount for every spin just on the zero. It doesn’t matter how much you bet on the zero, so play within your means, but you won’t be able to play less than £1, or in some cases £5 per spin unless you play online.

FOBT Force Zero Summary

Bet your chosen stake on zero, ignore any other betting option (red/black etc.), repeat until you have won. Be wary though, zero, just like any other roulette number doesn’t become ‘due’ after a certain amount of spins. It is tempting to play for it if the roulette game is showing 80 spins since zero, but it could easily go to 180, or 280 spins before landing.

You can play roulette online for as low as 1p per spin at a real money casino, with odds the same as FOBT roulette, or enjoy the free game on this page. Remember, if you run out of demo money below, simply refresh the page.