Fruit Machine Cheats

I’m going to look at fruit machine cheats for £5 jackpot machines, and how you can turn your little trip to the seaside into a profitable venture with these low jackpot, low stakes fruit machines.

slot machineFruit machine cheats for £5 jackpot machines are often considerably different to their larger £100 and £70 jackpot counterparts, and as such, most people ignore them for their profit potential, instead playing them for fun. This makes them ripe for profits, and although each machine may yield only a small value, the amount of fruit machines in each location soon bumps this up into a worthwhile venture.

The £5 jackpot is where fruit machines go to die, and as such many are considerably old and likely familiar to yourself. This makes the value in the fruit machine cheats higher, as instinctively you will know some of how they play; but don’t be fooled, the £5 chips have characteristics often vastly different from their larger jackpot brothers. Did you know the constraints on repeats on £70 and £100 jackpot machines often don’t exist in their £5 jackpot counterparts. So jackpots that may only be able to repeat once or twice on the larger jackpots may repeat up to ten times on the £5 versions. For example, the £5 jackpot on Indian Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark can repeat up to six times for a £35 win. Likewise, Yabba Dabba Darts can also pay up to £35 in one winning streak, and you don’t always need the top feature to take you there!

I’ll list 10 £5 jackpot fruit machine cheats below, and how best to play them for a profit. Feel free to add your own additional information in the comments at the bottom of the page.


raiders-of-the-lost-ark-indiana-jones-note-acceptor-70-pub-fruit-machine-803-pThis Red Gaming machine can be stingy on the number gambles, but don’t play it like its old Red Gaming counterparts. You don’t need the top feature to make a large profit, likewise you don’t need it to be red to make money.

As mentioned previously, the jackpot can repeat up to 6 times for a £35 win. Multi-add often fills up the Arks, but the red win series can also pay £35 and this is seen as a ‘bottom’ feature and so often offers it.

Red win series will often pay at least £5, but can go big. Take this instead of pushing for the top to make a reliable profit.

Profit potential : £3£30


This is a good fun darts game, but just play for your shots here and build up the boost on the right side. Don’t worry too much about the move back 3, as the value of the darts often climbs a lot higher than the cash and feature ladders.

Once your cashpot is high, the features and cash will follow, or you may collect the cashpot for a small profit. The top feature can pay up to £15.

Profit potential : £2£8

Space Raider

A very easy fruit machine to win on, just play it strategically and look to see what is coming on the red board before moving up straight away.

The mega streak rarely repeats, so it is often better to play for a regular jackpot or a £4 win. Remember red bars will boost the cash ladder, even when collected on the super hold feature.

Profit potential : £3£4


A lot of people know the holds on this fruit machine, and that is where your profit will come from. A succession of boards with the 4 dropping in can result in a good profit if the local kids haven’t beat you to it.

Profit potential : £1£12


king-ker-ching-25-jackpot-fruit-machine-811-pPut it on 10p mega spin and just play until you get a bonus. The bonus is nearly always a feature, which in turn is nearly always a jackpot.

The mega streak repeats about 30% of the time, but the cash strikes will often pay a high valued win without risking on the numbers. Collect 4 cash strikes or above for a good wins, or play for the invincible which comes most boards.

King Kerching emptier – Turn it off and on as its banking the win. Make sure it hasn’t finished banking before the power goes out. If you time it right it’s a free win.

Profit potential without cheating : £1£6

Top Gear

Easy to play, just get a feature and gamble up the side. Two shots is also often good value, usually £4. The top feature often repeats for around £10.

Play for one board, and take either 2 shots or a feature and gamble up as high as it goes, then leave it.

Profit potential : £2£8

Connect Four

Although the cash ladder and feature are separate, do not be tempted to try to turn the feature game red as this can backfire, instead play for one board and take the Connect 4 feature when it is at its limit.

To be boring and beat it at Connect four, simply go on top of every position the machine plays. This will result in a draw which pays as a win, this can also repeat.

Profit potential : £1£4

Italian Job 2

This fruit machine can streak for up to £50. Play for one board, if it is jackpot, carry on for another board and repeat the process.
Anything under jackpot, collect and move on. This game can also kill you first move.

Profit potential : £-2£40


deal-or-no-deal-what-s-in-your-box-5-jackpot-fruit-machine-926-pPlay on maximum 10p stake and don’t waste your time trying to gamble high on this, the numbers are terrible. Luckily the very bottom feature when red is often great value and is essentially £1 plus repeat, so collect this when possible.

The phones feature is also good. Don’t worry about what’s in the box, take an offer between £1.01 and £2. This pretty much always repeats, often several times.

Deal or No Deal Four Reels:

Play on 10p per spin and try for the mega streak which nearly all of the time repeats, usually to at least £8, and sometimes £12.

Try out some of our online versions of Deal or No Deal here and here. There’s plenty more games to try in our free slots section, so check them out.

Profit potential : £2£10

Closing Comment

Remember that many £5 jackpots have small floats, usually around £30 to £40. The percentages are also often lower, lingering at the bare minimum of 72% in most establishments.

These cheats and tips are for small but consistent profits. If you continue to play after a machine has paid out a large profit, you will likely lose.