How to Win Hot Shot Roulette

Hot Shot Roulette is a bonus roulette game, using a Deal or No Deal Roulette type bonus feature. The main theme of the game, and the only reason to play is for the bonus feature; Hot Shot Shoot Out. The Hot Shot bonus position is located between the five and the ten on the standard zero to thirty-six, placing it directly opposite the zero. A neighbours bet on the Hot Shot position would cover Hot Shot, 5, 10, 23 and 24.

hot shot rouletteAside from the standard roulette betting, you may also increase your stake on the Hot Shot position to further increase the prize values of the bonus game.

A stake of £1 will show the available 18 prize values of:
£1, £2, £3, £6, £8, £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £35, £40, £50, £60, £70, £80, £90, and £100.

Adding a further £1 to increase your bet to £2, will offer potential winning values of:
£2, £4, £6, £12, £16, £20, £30, £40, £50, £60, £70, £80, £100, £120, £140, £160, £180 and £200.

As you can see, everything has doubled. This will happen again until you reach a £5 stake for the top prize to reach £500. Adding a further £1 (£6 total bet) will add another £500 value to the prize ladder, and so on until the maximum bet has been reached.

Once you are happy with all of your chip positions, you may press bet to spin the ball. Everything is exactly the same as standard roulette from this point, so all odds are the same. The only, and main difference is the extra position on the roulette wheel. It is important therefore to only play this game (and any bonus roulette game), if you are playing for the bonus. If you are not playing for the bonus, then you may as well play traditional roulette, for slightly increased odds as there is one less position.

Hot Shot Shootout

As I mentioned previously, the Hot Shot Roulette bonus game is similar in style to that of Deal or No Deal. This time however you do not select a box to begin your game with, instead you are shown 18 boxes, and eliminate them one at a time until the final one remains, or your bail out with an other beforehand. The offers are an average of the remaining cash values, which you can either choose to collect or carry on. Collecting will bank the offer then return you to the main roulette game.

As you are paying at least £1 to play the Hot Shot Roulette game, it is not worth your while taking anything below £35. If you do, you may as well bet £1 on the roulette table.

As far as I can tell, this game isn’t too popular amongst punters, as is often hidden away on the Roulette category menu.

Various types of bonus roulette are available to play online at Sky Casino.