Key Bet Roulette Strategy

keybetKey Bet Roulette is a progressive cash pot style roulette game found on at many popular fixed odds betting terminals. Originally there was just the one version of the game, but due to the high stakes of the first one, a lower stake Key Bet game was also installed on the same FOBT’s alongside the original.

The playing methods and odds are exactly the same for both versions of the game, but the lower stake Key Bet Roulette’s obviously have lower cash pot amounts, so play to your wealth with regards to which ones you decide to take on.

The interesting thing about Key Bet Roulette, is that the odds and pay-outs are identical to Extra Bet Roulette, so you may also want to refer to that guide too. It seems Extra Bet borrowed heavily from this game, changing only the graphics and a couple of bonus cash amounts.

Key Bet Roulette Bonus

The bonus wheel is divided into eleven cash values, plus the Pot position. This gives the theoretical odds of hitting the pot on this part of the game at 12/1. You then have a further 38/1 chance of activating the bonus game. This is highlighted by a bright yellow Key Bet slot on the roulette wheel, placed directly opposite the green zero, and housed between the red five and black ten. You need to bet on this slot every spin in order for it to be active. If you land on Key Bet without a bet, it will count as a losing spin. If you are playing this game without the intention of using the bonus position, you should change game. You have greater odds on a standard FOBT roulette as there will be one less losing position. It’s effectively like playing double zero roulette against single zero roulette if you are not chasing the cash pot.

If we are to believe that this game is entirely random, and pays the odds that are displayed, then the odds of winning the Key Bet pot are 456/1. This is 12/1 multiplied by 38/1 (12×38=456). This would mean that the long term (very long term) odds would show the pot been paid roughly every 456 spins. This doesn’t mean that the pot will need to be more than £456 to make a profit, as there are the eleven other cash values on the bonus wheel to take into account. Therefore the long term odds should see you hitting any one of the twelve bonus cash amounts every 38 spins. If we knock all these cash values away from the 456, just like Extra Bet, you will be left with £71. Therefore the bare minimum pot would have to be £72 to make a very long term £1 profit.

This theory is only correct for Key Bet Roulette’s on £1 per spin, which for some reason is only available in some of the bookies. Others have their minimum at £5 per spin. This causes problems with the previously described odds, because you don’t really want more than the minimum bet on the bonus, so you have to spread the remaining £4 across other numbers. This further decreases your odds, as you have the natural roulette odds also working against the other bets. In this situation, you are likely better off playing £4 on four number. Obviously it will miss the majority of the time, but when it hits, you’ll have £36 to repeat the bets. You could also try covering eight numbers (splits) with your £4, to pay £18 when they hit. Where you place these bets is insignificant, but around the bonus slot of either two or four numbers either side is a good choice.


You are probably aware that this has a gamble option which can be turned on to take you to a separate game after each winning bet. Although fun, the odds are slightly lower than the true odds (refer to Super Gamble Roulette for more details). Therefore the more you play the gamble, the more the odds will be working against you. It is therefore advisable to not activate the gamble if you are playing strictly for the pot. If you are playing £5 per spin, plus the gamble, the odds will be working even more against you.

Once you understand the odds and have played a few times, you can sit down and get straight into the game. Try to look for pots of more than £350 for a decent return, but as these are random, be prepared for losses, and long sessions.

You may also notice records of number of spins since the last zero, and the last Key Bet bonus. Although these should be ignored, you can see that they are very capable of occasionally going way beyond 100 spins since the last feature, and this certainly doesn’t mean it is ‘due’ to come in any time soon.

In the long run you should be making a steady profit if you stick to a method and not break away from it. Betting large amounts mid-strategy will not be an indication if it is working or not, and if you do this, you may as well play regular FOBT roulette.