Rainbow Riches Slots Cheats

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular slot machine brands of all time. Created by Barcrest in 2003 the Rainbow Riches brand can be found on over 18 different slot machines.

Pure Pots, Classic Rainbow Riches, Fields of Gold, Pure Gold and many others exist all over the U.K.

The jackpots range from £5 up to £4000 for the casino versions, and can be found in locations as diverse as seaside amusements arcades, to ultra high jackpot online casinos.

Everyone is looking for Rainbow Riches cheats, the most popular of which are the £500 jackpot Rainbow Riches. Originally started by Pots of Gold, which was the first random progressive pot fruit machine in the U.K. This then led to a slew of progressive pot random jackpot machines, the best and most popular of which were always developed by Barcrest. The vast majority of Rainbow Riches games are random, with the only current exception been Wild Clover, a £100 jackpot, three reeled version of the game.

Random machines often have less cheats than non-random gaming machines, due mainly to the fact that it is difficult to manipulate a percentage that is not fixed. This often leaves cheats that exploit errors and bugs in the programming, such as exiting the game at certain times on multi-game terminals, or manipulating the machines power supply at certain points during play. There are however many tips and cheats that can be used by regular players, that can be used in a fair and honest way.

Rainbow Riches Pure Pots Cheats

Possibly the most dangerous cheat of all time; the Rainbow Riches Pure Pots method of getting pots can be highly costly, or very low depending on your luck. This little gem will only work on the bookies version of the game as you need to select £20 super spins, which is where it can get costly.

The Super Spins are great, they increase the percentage from 92% up to 94%, and the biggest bonus of all is that they make the pots wild AND sticky. The stickiness is where the action comes in as the pots will stick in place for the remainder of your Super Spins. If you get one or two pots on your first spin, as you will only need one more, you are very likely to get it with the remainder of your spins. The odds of getting the pots has also increased as there are no other features, and the possibility of hitting a pot on any of the reels, not just the middle three.

rainbow riches pure potsThree pots anywhere in view awards either the bronze, silver or gold. Four pots awards either silver or gold (50/50 chance), and five will pay £500, leaving the value of the pots in place. Once a pot has been won, it will drop a lot lower than other versions of Rainbow Riches, with bronze resetting to £25 and silver to £100.

Pros of this method: You are actually increasing your odds by playing on this high stake, you also have a selection of four terminals to choose from allowing you to find the highest value pots. It is often very quick, and you will hit more pots than on any other type of Rainbow Riches game.

Cons of this method: The machine is random and you are playing at £20 per game. Each game can last around one minute, which can result in losing £20 per minute. If your luck isn’t in, you can be losing hundreds if not thousands of pounds in a very short space of time. My advice would be to give them a maximum of £200, if you win use the profit to play the next one, if you lose, then except it as a gambling loss and move on.

Rainbow Riches Wishing Well Bonus Cheats

Rainbow Riches Wishing Well Bonus

This is a really boring feature, and can have wins as low as £2 which is as good as buying a scratch card and winning your pound back. Depending on which version you play,the maximum prize for three Wishing Wells can be either £15, £25 or £50.

The £50 prize is on Golden Charms, £25 is on Fields of Gold and £15 is on most of the others.
There is no way to influence the prize, and although letting the game timeout will select a Well for you, it will not purposefully select the highest, middle or lowest value. A lot of people don’t like selecting these by themselves, so letting it timeout is a bit of harmless fun.

Rainbow Riches Leprechaun's Bonus Cheats

Everyone loves the Rainbow Riches Leprechaun bonus. It’s a fantastic feature that can pay up to £500 with as little as three Leprechauns, and is the only feature that can do so (besides Pots of Gold). The feature is triggered by landing three, four or five Leprechaun’s anywhere in view on any of the reels.
Rainbow Riches Leprechauns Bonus
The lowest prize amount is between £8 and £12 for three Leprechaun’s depending on the version of the game you are playing. This increases with four and five Leprechaun’s, but its progression from there is entirely random, and as such hitting the ultra rare five Leprechaun’s will not guarantee you a massive win, the values he lands on have just been increased, he could still stop at an early point on the feature.

The rareness of hitting five Leprechaun’s has elevated it to some sort of Holy Grail of gaming, whereas in actual fact it is not that great. It’s possible Barcrest also felt the same way, which is why several new versions of Rainbow Riches such as Fields of Gold automatically pay £500 for landing five of a kind feature symbols.

Common Myths: Letting it time out will get you higher. Rubbing the screen will let you win more. The last feature was X so the next feature will be X. None of those will work of course, but there is no harm in rubbing the screen or letting the game time-out to progress itself. The value of the feature is randomly determined at the start of the game, what follows is just a set animation.

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Bonus Cheats

If we can work out the odds of hitting the Pots of Gold feature, then it stands to reason that we can also work out the odds when the playing advantage would tip into the players favour.

Unfortunately the machines odds for each prize are a closely guarded secret, however we can safely assume that you are always better off playing a Pots of Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold BonusGold slot machine when the combined total of the pots is high. In places such as bookies or large arcades for example, you will have a choice of several machines with the same game.

If you play the Pots of Gold with the highest value pots, this will not increase your chances of hitting the Pots of Gold bonus, as the odds remain the same for every spin. But if you do hit the Pots of Gold bonus, you will win more money, and the only reason you are playing these is to win money. So the biggest tip here is to always choose the machine with the highest value pots.

Common Myths: It hasn’t paid a gold or silver pot in X amount of time, it’s due. The last pot was gold, it always pays silver next. The silver pot is higher than gold, so it has to pay that one next. The list of myths is very long, but just bare this in mind the next time someone mentions any of them; the game is random and each spin has exactly the same chances of hitting any of the many combinations as the last spin. No amount in the pots, or previous outcome of the pots will determine the next outcome.

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix Cheats

As you are probably aware Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is a hybrid of past Rainbow Riches games with multiple stake and Mega Game options. There is a full guide here, however here are the key playing tips.

Selecting your features: You can select up to three features to be active during the game, however you do not need to select all three. If you choose to play with only one feature you will have a higher chance of hitting that feature. If you choose to play with just Toadstools or the Road to Riches feature, it will come in more frequently, but the value of these two is often no more than £30. Selecting only the pots will make Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix play the same as Pure Pots, likewise, selecting only rainbow riches pick n mixfree spins will make the game behave like Rainbow Riches Free Spins.

Mega Game: The Mega Game is a massive rip-off and has been designed solely to exploit the £50 maximum bet limit with the emphasis on taking your £50 as quickly as possible.

When you start up the Mega Game you will have the features you previously selected on offer. Upping the stake by £10 at a time will change the odds, so you can see which features are the highest valued. If you gamble and win you will be awarded the feature, which for the most part will be roughly the same as the price you paid to play the Mega Game to begin with. If you lose you will be awarded five spins with little to no chance of getting your original stake back.

It is the combination of the low paying features for the high cost of the chance to win them, combined with the speed in which it will consume your money that makes the Rainbow Riches Mega Game one to be avoided.

The Gamble Option

You tend to have two types of people when it comes to the Rainbow Riches gamble, those that love it and those that don’t. Not all of the machines have this option, but many do and it is worth using in my opinion. You can set the gamble to never, £5 and above and all wins. Gambling 50p is a lot of work to get anywhere, so most people set it to £5 and above, this is also often the default setting.Rainbow Riches Gamble Bonus The odds are shown on a pie, divided into blue and red. Red is no good, but the blue can be changed and the odds are true odds with the return prize accurately reflecting the percentage of the pie covered by blue i.e. double your money is exactly 50/50, there is no machine advantage here.

You can set the odds to almost anything you want, and a favourite of some players is gambling £12 to £150. This is a fantastic prize when it hits, and will hit every twelve times or so giving you bank a nice boost. You can also gamble direct to the £500 jackpot from the lowest possible amount of £30. As the machines are random, it will hit sometimes, whereas many other times it will not, but you certainly need guts to go for it.

Remember you can also part-bank wins or collect the entire amount at any time. There are no cheats here, but play around with the odds to get a feel of how the gamble works, and don’t be despondent if your first couple of tries lose.

The Playing Percentage

Although Rainbow Riches is for the most part a random game (except for some Wild Clovers), they still have a percentage they play to. Many people struggle with understanding random with a percentage, so think of it like this; a roulette wheel is random, yet the odds of hitting a red or black are slightly below 50/50. Now if we added an extra zero to the roulette wheel, it is still random but the odds have changed. Think of the playing percentage of Rainbow Riches to that of a roulette wheel, some have more zeros than others.

Some arcades have their machines on 90%, which is very low, whereas others are on 94% (online they are often 95%-96%). Short term you will probably not notice anything, but long term you will get more features, more wins and more jackpots when the machine is on a higher percentage.

You should always avoid arcades that have their machines set to 90%, chances are you will be able to find one on a higher percentage across the street, so shop around and vote with your feet.