Reflex Pub Fruits Cheats

reflex gamingReflex pub fruit machines have gained in popularity, especially since the update to the £100 jackpot, so it’s no surprise that people want Reflex pub fruits cheats to help them win more.

The good thing about Reflex pub fruit machines is they are consistent, and each release is pretty much identical to the last albeit using a different name and redesigned graphics. The gameplay remains constant, often with a Deal or No Deal type bonus round and a progressive style of play. This means that deviating from one Reflex pub fruit machine to another shouldn’t require any new learning curve, and those that perfect a profitable style of gameplay on one Reflex fruit machine can safely carry it over to another, even if it is a new release.

Reflex Pub Fruit Gameplay

The most common Reflex fruit machines tend to be Alice’s Wonderland and Lady Luck Double Take. Both of these use a progressive cashpot on all stakes and a Deal or No Deal feature game, however all Reflex pub fruit machines use the same progressive style of gameplay and therefore can all be forced (pushed) for the jackpot.

This style of gameplay used to be popular many years ago with early Barcrest machines, rewarding players who pushed for the jackpot. This type of gameplay was also common on club fruit machines, with many Bell Fruit club games rewarding players who forced for the jackpot or cashpot.

reflexThe increase in jackpot from £70 to £100 has made this style of play popular again, and players with an adequate budget can force any Reflex pub fruit machine and secure a jackpot or cashpot. The best Reflex pub fruit cheats would therefore be to force for the jackpot.

Forcing for the £100 jackpot will usually cost from £60 to £120 from the point the bonus game is awarded. If the fruit machine has paid out a lot, activating the bonus game may cost £50 or more, you’ll then need a budget close to £200 to win £100 and will likely lose, therefore only force a Reflex pub fruit machine for the jackpot if the bonus game is lighting up from the moment you start playing.

Forcing for the jackpot in simple, all you have to do is not collect anything and eventually you’ll be awarded all red icons for an invincible game, securing the £100 prize.

On average the jackpot will have cost you between £90 and £120, so the profit comes from the after play. The after play in this case usually consists of several bonus super features awarding around £16 with one repeat, however it can be up to £40. This of course is not fixed in stone and can vary considerably.

As you can probably tell, the profit isn’t exactly large but your losses should also be minimal. The strategy however is simple, and as long as you don’t deviate you should do ok. A £10 to £40 profit here and there or a £0 to £30 loss is pretty much what you can expect, and it’s certainly safer than many of the newer £100 jackpot fruit machines.

Things to note

The bonus game is not random, and will often offer mid to low values. It will only have the jackpot or cashpot hidden in the box when it is ready to pay that amount.

The above method is only a style of play, it will not guarantee a profit and may result in a significant loss, so only play with what you can afford to lose. Like all gambling, you play at your own risk.